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"I want will turners cock in my mouth while jack sparrows filthy cock pounds away in my pussy."
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"I want to be Queen Elsa’s slave and let her use my face as her personal footrest."
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"I wanna abduct Angel from Lilo & Stitch, slip her into submissive BDSM gear and sodomize her for hours."

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"That part when Elsa struts out in her slinky blue gown seduced me - girl who saw Frozen with her mom next to her."
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"I want Hercules to fuck my ass all night and then, I want to smell his manly sexy armpits."
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"Young Macintosh makes me so horny."
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"Belle smashing my flacid penis between the pages of her favourite book. Mmm. That’s my fantasy."

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"I enjoy drawing pictures of Prince Phillip getting fucked hard in the ass by Kristoff. All while the love making happens on the back of Jim Hawkins (cause I don’t like him)."
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slutty pan is extremely trashy and seems to have a really ridiculous obsession with himself but, looking is fun <3
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"I want to fuck the gross sisters so hard that my cum will be lotion for their ashy skin."