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I think Disney should make a Disney Classics Revisited album (like they did with Nightmare Before Christmas)

Marilyn Manson  - Be Prepared

Britney Spears - So This is Love

Christina Aguilera - When My Life Begin

Beyonce and Jayz - Friends on the Other Side

Mariah Carey - Colors of the Wind

Korn - Hellfire

30 Seconds to Mars  - Topsy Turvy

Avril - Cinderelly

Can we add to this list?

Pink - Mother Knows Best

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Good luck to all the applicants this time around! Remember not to act fucking stupid at work. :P


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when i ask for you to snapchat dick pics.  dont fucking snap chat me asking me if i want dick pics….YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER

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snapchat:  askelviranow

if you dont wanna send dick, send a nude with your dick in a sock.

also, still waiting for 2 dicks in 1 pic to be snapped to me for tit picccc

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reblog and comment with the weirdest thing you’ve masturbated with.

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"I want Sulley to impregnate me."
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YTMND - Elvira's Tassel Dance

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I didnt even realize my opinions were tacky yesterday…..>___>

Thanks anon for being a dick tho


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Anonymous asked,

Yeah can you keep your tacky ass opinions off the disney blog k thx bye


that was all aviva not me.  and also, ill put whatever the fuck i want on the blog so you can graciously inhale my intestinal discomfort 

in case anyone was confused about who was talking about 50 shades of grey on here.  Also, I’ll seriously post whatever the fuck I want, none of you followers have any business telling me what I can and cannot post on this blog, I have half a mind to photo dump 60 images of taylor swift just in spite.