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"I wanna be a giant just so I can fuck the shit out of Gustav the Giant. I have a thing for mouths, so I wanna french kiss the cavity-ridden mouth that Mickey struggled inside. I want that blubbery tongue to lick my cock. I wanna feed him pumpkins and see him chew them. Gustav is just perfect for someone with a mouth fetish who wants to fuck the not-so-attractive guys."
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"Prince Eric turns me on like no tomorrow, every time he is on screen I get as wet as the deck of his ship. I fantasize about him fucking me in every room in his castle. I know he would fuck long and hard like a true sailor."
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"Just imagining Elastagirls elastic fingers up my pussy and stroking my clit gets me hot."
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"Watching Prince Ali´s parade girls erotic belly dancing while an enchained and scantily clad Princess Jasmine brings me wine and fruit would be the greatest Arabian Night ever."
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"I just wanna get fucked by Wilbur Robinson. Being from the future who knows what some interesting toys he could use ;)"
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"I like to imagine Hades slapping Hercules with his floppy dick."
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I have had the biggest crush on Quasimodo (or Quasiyolo as I like to call him bc modern slang turns me on ;-)) I want him to fuck my pretty boy ass with his gigantic cock until it rips and tears and I shit all over that fine piece of dick. Then, I want him to tell me how pretty I am bc people say I look a lot like Dylan O’Brien :-)))

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"I have a fantasy that walle shoves his micro floppy dick into eve’s waiting motherboard."
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"I have this fantasy where Wilbur Robinson is my boyfriend and Loki is his older brother and one day Loki in finds me and Wilbur having sex and throws him off of me and shows him how a man is really supposed to treat a lady, so he goes down on me and I end up having a three-way with Loki and Wilbur."
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"julie andrews is such a MILF. Her as Mary Poppins gets me so horny."