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"confession: I used to get up at 6am to watch the early showings of the little mermaid cartoon series on disney channel so i could jerk off to ariel’s scantily clad tits"
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"I’d like to be Snow White and take on all the seven Dwarves at once. Feeling their little cocks get hard against me, their little beards and tongues exploring my milky white body naked in the forest. Holding Dopey’s ears while he eats me out"
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"It’s a recurring fantasy for me to imagine having a friends-with-benefits relationship with Lightning McQueen. Not with me as a car, I’m still a human, but both of us passionately consummating our love. I just can’t stop thinking about what a strong, fierce alpha male he is. We’d be the perfect gay couple."
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"When I was little, I used to have the biggest crush on Dash from The Incredibles. I can just picture an older version of him with me in some childish playfight and then having some really kinky sex."
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"I want to roughly dominate Fix-it Felix. He’s just so small and adorable that I just wanna hit him. I bet he’d like it too, that "hit me" scene he had did seem a little kinky."
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"I actually think that Rajah and Duchess would make a purrfectly hot couple. Since they´re both high class pets, I can easily picture them as anthros in an alternate universe where he is a handsome Arabian tiger Prince and she´s a beautiful Frenchwoman cat. The sexy and romantic potential between these two there is really interesting."
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Everyone, PLEASE watch this.

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"I want to see Hans invited to a ‘welcome party’ where all the villains get drunk when facilier drugs him and he wakes up surrounded by cheering villains while he raped hard by a grinning Hades while shere khan and scar lick out maleficent and jafar throat fucks goethel"
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New Mod


You’ve seen her ass on here a few times (when im willing to share) and now she’s helping Elvira and I make confessions. So, without further adieu, I would like to introduce our new mod Sara~~~~~ WHOOOOO

Here is her blog if you wanna send her questions (DO NOT SEND HER CONFESSIONS): whereamiis.tumblr.com/

Thank you Sara for being awesome and accepting this task

Aviva, poor girl

oh cool, you got a whore to help. great.

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