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I’ve always wanted to fuck Peter Pan. His tights make his butt look sooo good I’ve really just wanted to penetrate him but right before I enter have him say “No, not in Neverland!”
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Of all the Disney/Non crossovers out there, the one that would interest me the most would be Duchess from The Aristocats and Sawyer from Warner´s Cats Don´t Dance. Two of the hottest feline sexbombs in animation history together at last, and all lesbo for each other!
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I’ve always pictured Eugene/Flynn to have two sides of him in bed with Rapunzel: There’s Eugene, who’s sweet and tender and whispers sweet nothings in Rapunzel’s ear; and then there’s FLYNN RIDER, who’s brutal and possessive and fucks Rapunzel so hard she’s sore the next day.
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Rewatching Aladdin around the time I hit puberty was a pretty awesome experience. I enjoyed it,especially the eye-candy in the form of all those gorgeous harem girls and Princess Jasmine herself. But then came the scene where Jasmine is in that sexy red outfit, making me both blush and drool immensely as my heart was beating fiercely and an uncomfortable feeling was in my pants. This experience is most likely the reason for my weird harem girl/ belly dancer fetish.
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I want to lick tapenade off of Maleficent’s boobs
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I bet Ichabod Crane had a big dick. My friend Hippy looks like him. Skinny with a big fuck-off Adams apple. He never fucked my friend Allison, but she felt his cock against her leg at a party and she reckons it’s huge.
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I often fantasize about Aladdin doing goatse and sticking Abu in the gape.
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When I watch Home Improvement I get so turned on when I imagine WIlson fucking Tim against that fence and trying to make sure Jill doesn’t catch them
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I want anally fist Queen Elinor as a bear. She is fucking so god damned sexy. Also, while I’m fisting her, I want her to change from Merida’s mom to a wild fucking beast. That would make my aerolas so hard.
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I wish there was more Pocahontas porn pics with John Rolfe rather than John Smith (or Ratcliffe or Powhatan or any other bizarre/sick pairings). It would also be great if they were well drawn by a decent artist~