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"My exboyfriend ate my pussy out when I Won’t Say I’m In Love part came on. And he was just so bad that I have to skip that part of the movie now."
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"I know this is awkward, but I really wish Wreck It Ralph made Vanellope older. She would make a cute girlfriend for Ralph, plus, bet her older could take his 9 ft tall body ;)"
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"I wanna steal the Neptune Statue in Italy at Epcot and lick its asscrack and cup on his pecks."
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this is a large black cock. I have a penis but it doesn’t work
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"I would not mind if one of the princesses farted in my presence. I’d actually tell them (namely Merida and Belle) to always fart for me without shame. I bet it would smell so sweet."
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"I’d love to make sweet music with the muse Thalia from Hercules, she’s round soft, squishy and sassy."
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"There’s absolutely nothing physically appealing about Barbossa, but I’d tap that in a second because somehow he always ends up on top and that’s hot as hell."
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"Hans uses me as a secret sex slave. I stay in the dungeon at his palace, and he created a small ‘torture chamber’ where he has his fun with me. The only thing I’m allowed to wear is a white collar that has designs kind of like the ones on his jacket. When I talk to him, I call him King Hans, or King for short. Whenever he wants love or attention, which is actually quite a lot, he’ll fuck me however he wants to. It just sounds so hot."
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"I want will turners cock in my mouth while jack sparrows filthy cock pounds away in my pussy."
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"I want to be Queen Elsa’s slave and let her use my face as her personal footrest."