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“I gave my boyfriend his first blowjob while we watched the Aristocats”
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“i want aladdin to lick my hole while prince eric cums in it”
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I badly want to queef in the headless horsemans pumpkin head during the boo to you halloween parade in walt disney world florida

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“I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets turned on by Hiss tickling Prince John’s ear with his slithery little snake tongue”
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“I find myself to heavily attracted to Chernabog and I ain’t even sorry. The guy gets me going!”
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South Park




You beautiful genius bastards. Thank you for addressing this fucking trans/cis shit thats polluting tumblr.


Literally fuck off. That episode puts trans people at a real fucking risk. 

a risk for what? thats such an over the top response.

woah wait a minute.  Elvira?  I didn’t fucking make this, which one of you little shits signed my name?

- The Real Elvira

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keep in mind that we will not be making or posting any confessions submitted by people who identify themselves to us as adolescents, thanks

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“I want to be in a bisexual threesome with Maleficent and Diaval.”
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“I was so jealous of Diaval while I was watching Maleficent. I wish I could be Maleficent’s loyal shapeshifter. She could transform me into a dildo when she gets lonely or turn me into her insole when I’m bad. It would be amazing”
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theres no point bitching that south park should be cancelled: its not going to happen. matt and trey proved that they do not back down when they literally faced a terror threat due to their content in 2010. they will fight for their right to free speech and to say exactly what they want until they die, and if a bunch of terrorists cant shut them down then a group of ‘offended’ snowflakes on tumblr dot com sure as hell dont have a chance.

Agreed sfm.