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i want to have an orgy with jessica rabbit,ariel and jasmin. jessica rabbit would fuck me with a dildo while ariel would sit on my face while fingering jasmin’s pussy.
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i have a diaper fetish and I want to make all the princesses wear diapers and watch them shit themselves
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Im going to NYC for a week for my birthday. I closed the asked box because there are a lot of confessions to be made/queued and I have someone working on them for me while im away.

So thats it! BYEEEEEEE


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I want Flynn Ryder to take me into the forest somewhere behind a bush, grab me by the hair and pound my pussy so hard until I cum so much that I can’t see
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I want to be gang banged by Hercules, Flynn Rider, and Kristoff. I feel like Hercules would be crazy rough.
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snapchat me nudes


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Anonymous asked,

Oh my God, that guy who has the crooked penis, I met with a guy with a bent penis too. I was so surprised and too awkward to ask why it was like that since obviously we were about to have sex. It was hard to get it in at first, but once it was in, WOW.

crooked penis is from an injury, scar tissue developes and pulls it to 1 side as it heals

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Anonymous asked,

How come no new confessions have been posted for awhile

Because I havent had time to work on them and Elvira for whatever reason doesnt work on them ever.

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Anonymous asked,

I get really turned on when you guys ignore my asks.

thats good because i just blocked your IP from sending any further messages!

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Anonymous asked,

One time I slammed my penis in a door and now it's crooked. It's weird looking but my girlfriend says I'm the best she's ever had surprisingly.

thanks for the info for absolutely no reason captain hook