» time 1 week ago   » notes 90
My boyfriend and I went on our first Disney trip together this year and we stayed at the Disneyland trip. While there was a Disney movie marathon playing on our tv we were just cuddling and soon we were having the happiest, roughest wild sex ever. 30 mins later we had someone knocking at our door and we pretended we werent there. The hotel left us a notice that we were disturbing others and one of our neighbors left us a note sayin there were kids here! We kept going at it on our mickey bed
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I know this is really weird but I’m super attracted by Mr. Centipede from James and the Giant Peach. My husband was born amd raised in Brooklyn and has the same accent, and hes also a ginger. After rewatching the movie, I realized he could very well be the human version. Im not french like Mrs Spider (Im actually Italian) but we still had the idea to cosplay them for Halloween and seeing him dressed as Mr. C got me soaking wet and during sex later that nite I begged him to act like him too
» time 1 week ago   » notes 53
I can’ tell which I like better: max as powerline or just powerline but I want them both to fuck me senseless
» time 1 week ago   » notes 45
I have this dream that I get fingered by John Smith while he’s licking my clit. Then, when I’m about to come, he penetrates me hard, making me arch my back and moan until my lungs hurt. I always wake up so wet after that.
» time 1 week ago   » notes 21
Since watching the new movie, my brain has decided that Maleficent’s horns are erogenous. This has made re-watching Sleeping Beauty a little more interesting. I have this fantasy where I am her and I make Diaval use his mouth on my horns while his fingers are inside me.
» time 1 week ago   » notes 37
I dream of Aladdin fucking my brains out mercilessly. We’re on his magic carpet flying loops in the night air and he’s pounding into me with genie strength while I’m trying to not pass out from my mind-boggling orgasm <3
» time 1 week ago   » notes 79
I always thought that Eva Gabor´s voice was the cherry on top of the big cake of sexiness in both Duchess and Miss Bianca, even though both of their sexiness levels were already dangerously high for an animal.
» time 1 week ago   » notes 68
I just want Maleficent and Diaval to fuck so badly. I’d cut off my right tit for that shit.
» time 1 week ago   » notes 38
Diaval’s human form from the new Maleficent movie is so hot. While watching Maleficent at the cinema, I had to take a bathroom break and I fingered myself while thinking of human Diaval fucking me.
» time 2 weeks ago   » notes 39
Okay so, Angelina may be the new big stuff but, The OG Maleficent, all big and bad with the horn, is so elegant. It’s like, classically sexy. All dark and ughhhh. She is a vision.