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I am so attracted to my Kristoff doll. One night, I got a glass of wine, sat in the bath and brought him with me to relax. We chatted a bit and one thing led to another. I undressed him and he plunged himself into my depths. I was so dizzy from the wine and the heat of the bath that I didnt noticed the soap on him and he irritated my vagina and I ended up getting a yeast infection. Oh well, the burning sensation never bothered me anyway.
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"i fantasize about merida being a big juicy plump red head who runs thru the forest naked, surviving on the instinct to eat and breed."

for your saturday morning
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"sigmaX’s Bambi yaoi porn is so underappreciated outside the furry fandom, which is a shame because it’s so good."
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"I want Elsa to leave lipstick markings all over my neck and purr seductive ice puns in my ear in that sexy voice of hers all while fucking my pussy with an ice strap-on. Those boney yet fine hips that she rocks are perfect for some hardcore grinding too."

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"I suppose this can go on here now that Disney owns Star Wars… I enjoy masterbating with lightsabers, I am a woman and this is hot as fuck."
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"I want Prince Hans to dominate me. He would force me to suck his cock until I choke and then fuck my ass as he spanks me. And when he ejaculates, he will do it all over my face."
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"I can’t help it, but it always turns me on to think about Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding night. I’m sure he must be a teaser, and while Rapunzel begs him to enter her, he would only smile and gets her wetter and wetter."
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"I want to worship Ariel’s feet."
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"I want John Smith to release his seed inside of me while he has his (sexy) way with me against a tree."
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"I wish Elsa would make me her lesbian sex slave and keep me bound in ice bondage."