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Anonymous asked,

you are denser than a jar of peanut butter kid, you CANNOT report someones tumblr for SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF TUMBLR, how the FUCK is that DEFENDING HER, YOU CANT REPORT A TUMBLR FOR SOMETHING THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TUMBLR, stop acting like a child and realize that if I steal a watch from target, you cant fucking report me to wal-mart, you fucking moron


I’ll report you to Target I’ll report you to K-Mart I’ll report you to JC-FUCKING-PENNY. She has a tumblr and I want her followers to know the truth about her. 

You want to defend a serial urinator? You want someone traipsing around Amish country peeing on cosplays? Is that the world you want to live in?

You’re trash.

this is such a roller coaster.  remember kids, tumblrs user policy is 14 years old, not 10

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New Mod

You’ve seen her ass on here a few times (when im willing to share) and now she’s helping Elvira and I make confessions. So, without further adieu, I would like to introduce our new mod Sara~~~~~ WHOOOOO

Here is her blog if you wanna send her questions (DO NOT SEND HER CONFESSIONS): whereamiis.tumblr.com/

Thank you Sara for being awesome and accepting this task

Aviva, poor girl

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"Bucky as the Winter Soldier turns me on so fucking much, I want him to choke me and spank me and dominate me with that mechanical hang of his."
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Well, guys….guess what I found?  Slutty Peter Pan…..full frontal nude.  click the jump cut for full disney face character penis NSFW

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my butthole be like…


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I need a how to pamphlet on dealing with an itchy taint in public

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Even though I’m 99% sure he’s gay, I’d fuck Lloyd from disney juniors art attack. I watch it every night and watch him twiddle his fingers with the art work and imagine what he’d do to me
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the idea of having Bambi as a submissive pet who lets me fuck him on command is one of my most shameful desires
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I have a job interview today.  Post this pic and lets see how many good luck spanks I can get!
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I used to fantasize about Simba and Nala fucking and get excited. My first and only furry fantasy; I used to pretend I was Nala trapped in a net and Simba would come rescue me and then fuck the ever living fuck out of me.