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"My boyfriend fucked me dirty on the counter of the Disney Store when we were supposed to be closing."
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"Recently I’ve been fantasising about a threesome in the woods with Naveen and Flynn. I love both of their movies but the idea of being with the two of them among the trees really turns me on."
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"I’d love to see blonde Rapunzel and brunette Rapunzel getting it on."
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"I want Captain Hook (Disney film) to eat me out so badly. Just thinking of him licking me and me cumming all over his face is such a turn on. Then, I want to give him a BJ and feel him explode inside my mouth. Right before he leaves me in a sticky mess, I want his hook branded on my ass so I can think of him whenever I see it."
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"I’m not really into incest but the thought of Prince Hans being manhandled by his twelve older brothers has become a fantasy of mine."
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"I love to imagine the new Queen Atta using Flick as a sex slave to help repopulate the colony."
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"I have a prince Hans doll and one night I decided to undress him and grind against him til I came. Looking down and seeing my wetness all over his body was just so hot and although it wasn’t my most intense orgasm it was definitely my favorite so far."
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"I recently masturbated with my Elsa doll and now I want the plush doll so I can mark her with my scent. Having her next to me during my private time makes my nipples so fucking hard."
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"I am supposed to be writing a fic about Elsa popping Anna’s cherry with an ice dildo but all I can think about is getting DPed by ice dildos from both of them right on that fabulous ice palace balcony."