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I’m not gay - at least not for humans - but Gantu is just too fucking hot. I’d be all to willing to take an extraterrestrial dicking from him.Source: https://e621.net/post/show/400362/2013-alien-anthro-bed-biceps-big_muscles-blanket-b
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I want Beast to grab hold of Lumiere and hold him over my chest as the hot wax drips onto my nipples. He’d then flip me over and take me from behind ramming me with his humongous beast cock till he comes and transforms into Prince Adam still inside my pussy.
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I found Diaval from Maleficent sexy, even in his human form. I want to make sweet, tender love with him and cuddle with him afterwards.
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The movie Maleficent just came out and I watched it, I fell in love with her more than ever. I’d like to be her sex slave and have her dominate me mercilessly.
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I have a fantasy where I enslave Jasmine exactly the same way as Jafar did in the movie, except this time she´d be more willing to fulfill all of my hedonistic desires. And when I´d ask her to be my queen, she´d agree, and that´d be where all the sexy fun would really begin…
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happy 4th of july everyone, where we are free…..to be slaves to the christian religion and be beaten with a bible until we succumb to it’s power on issues such as government provided birth control, what women do with their bodies and the freedom to marry who you want.

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Anonymous asked,

which disney guy do you think has the biggest dick


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Anonymous asked,

Favorite Disney confessions?

Granny ant

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I still haven´t forgotten how Maid Marian was my first furry crush, and I´m still willing to admit that she´s quite the sexy vixen. The tender personality, the feminine demeanor, those gorgeous eyes, that English accent, the list goes on. I wouldn´t mind at all if she forced a kiss on me like she did with Skippy.
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I really want to have a threesome with Esmeralda and one of the girls who runs an Esmeralda RP blog. Not only is Esmeralda the hottest ever, but the mun makes her even realer (and she’s got a great pair of tits) I masturbate to her writing and their faces everyday