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Anonymous asked,

I know you think Frollo would be dominate, but what if he was actually submissive? What would you do then?

Tie him to his bed, put one of those cock cage things on him and torture him a bit. 

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fr0ttagecheese asked,

Ratigan, Dr. Facilier, Max from Goofy movie, pete from goofy movie, roxanne from goofy blah, any one of the 7 dwarves, the blue fairy, no face from spirited away

Ratigan - Would fuck. Dat voice. UNF

Dr. Facilier - Would fuck.

Max - Nope

Pete - Definitely would not fuck. lol

Roxanne - Yeah I can dyke out for that.

7 Dwarves - WHAT NO.

Blue Fairy - She could get it. 

No Face  - After a few shots of sake id be down. 

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Anonymous asked,

Would you fuck an angered Hercules? Meaning he'd be really rough but at the same time he wouldn't be selfish at the end?

YES. As long as there’s choking, slapping, spanking and scratching involved im definitely down!! 

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Anonymous asked,

Is there a male villain(or villains)you absolutely would not fuck,and why?

Radcliffe - He would be SO fucking selfish. OMG. He seems like a serious fuck you, cum and then sleep kind of guy.  

And I cant think of anyone else. Throw some names at me and I’ll tell you which ones arent fuckable. 

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Anonymous asked,

Is there a Disney prince or male lead that you just wouldn't fuck ever/ who are your least favorites?

Shang - I cant/wont fuck him. Just no.

Jim Hawkins - I will never understand everyones obsession with him. 

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Anonymous asked,

Anal with Naveen,or oral with Frollo?

Can I have both?

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Anonymous asked,

Would you rather be fucked hard by Tarzan or watch Eric and Aladdin make love and then eat you out?

Be fucked by Tarzan. 

Only because I dont like peoples mouths near my vagina and I dont want to watch Aladdin and Eric go at it. 

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Anonymous asked,

pick two avengers to have sex with each other based on how hot it would be?

Loki and Black Widow………………………………………with me. >___>

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Anonymous asked,

If you could watch any two characters having sex, who would you pick?

Hmmm either Tiana and Naveen or Ariel and Eric. 

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Anonymous asked,

How old do you think Frollo is??

Old enough to spank me like a dirty girl. >:3