» time 1 month ago   » notes 105
i have a diaper fetish and I want to make all the princesses wear diapers and watch them shit themselves
» time 2 months ago   » notes 30
"The Evil Queen, Regina preferably, can dominate me. Sit on my face. Lick my no no areas. I’d magically have her baby."

» time 2 months ago   » notes 28
"I want to fuck snow whites innocent little cunt so hard."
» time 5 months ago   » notes 41
“Sometimes I like to fantasize that the Evil Queen has me chained up in her sex dungeon, teasing me mercilessly until I come all over her. Then Lady Gaga enters and they force me to watch as they scissor viciously together. It always ends with them sliding pieces of an apple inside of them and they make me retrieve the fruit using only my mouth.”
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"I wanna fuck snow white and the 7 dwarfs at the same time."
» time 5 months ago   » notes 46
"I know Prince Charming and Snow are true love but I feel like Dr. Whale (Frankenstein) was the best hardest fuck she’s ever had. I wonder if she still gets wet when she sees him."
» time 6 months ago   » notes 107
“I bet on their wedding night, Snow White wore a strap on and fucked her Prince in his ass.”
» time 7 months ago   » notes 36
"I want to fuck snow whites face until she pukes and then force her face to the ground and make her eat it."
» time 8 months ago   » notes 73
I have a thing for old ladies. So when I saw the queen from snow white as a hag…. DAMN! I just want her to mount me and make me lick that cougar cunt.
» time 9 months ago   » notes 46
"I’ve always had a fantasy of meeting one of the Disney princess, and her inviting me to her castle. But when I get there all the princesses are there and take turns fucking me with strap-ons after they’ve forced me to wear their clothes and turn me into their personal sex slut."